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Grapefruit are one of the leading SEO agencies in London, providing businesses with the digital marketing & Search Engine Optimisation expertise they need to get more traffic and customers online.


The majority of people looking for products and services online use search engines like Google to help them find what they want. The chances are you realise this, as you probably searched for ‘SEO agencies London’ or similar to end up on this page…and you’re probably searching for help with your SEO because your performance in the search engines is not delivering the traffic and customers you need it to. If a large part of your potential customer audience is online, gaining top rankings for the search terms they’re using is vital for your business. For example, did you know…


of online searchers just check the first page of results


of online searchers check only the first five results


of traffic from search engines goes to the page ranked top

(Source – AWR) With more and more people searching for what they want online, if these are your potential customers then you need to make sure your online presence is in the best possible shape so you can rank well for the searches that count. This is why, whatever marketing you are doing for your business, you need to make sure you include an effective SEO strategy if you want to grow the traffic you get from the search engines.

But this can be easier said than done, especially if you don’t know the first thing about Search Engine Optimisation. Plus, with the changing search landscape and regular Google algorithm updates, even if you do understand SEO you’re probably too busy running your business to be as on top of this vital marketing channel as you need to be. This is where Grapefruit’s London SEO agency can help – by providing businesses of all shapes and sizes with the SEO services they need.

Our London SEO Agency

Grapefruit is an SEO agency that provides London businesses with results-focused digital marketing and search optimisation strategies to help them grow their online business by gaining better rankings and more traffic for the searches that matter.

Grapefruit Digital London SEO Agency Logo
Grapefruit Digital London SEO Agency Logo

Grapefruit is an SEO agency that provides London businesses with results-focused digital marketing and search optimisation strategies to help them grow their online business by gaining better rankings and more traffic for the searches that matter.

Solving The Puzzle

When Google decides what pages to rank in its search results, it’s estimated that it considers over 200 different factors in order to determine which web pages show up in the all-important first page of results. With potentially hundreds of things to get the rankings and traffic you want for your site, it’s hardly surprising that many business and website owners see Google rankings as a puzzle that’s impossible to crack. As a leading SEO agency in London, we know what works and our experts can help.

Putting You On The Map

Just as every business is different, every SEO project is different. Grapefruit understands some clients need to rank locally, and therefore require expert help optimising their Google Business Profile to show up in the map results. Other clients want to rank nationally or even internationally, and so need help making sure their technical optimisation and backlink profile are the best they can be. Grapefruit is an SEO agency London businesses can rely on for effective strategies that get results.

SEO Services That Work

Grapefruit take the time to understand each business’s objectives and what they are looking to achieve online, and by developing the most appropriate optimisation strategies to deliver on these objectives, we have built a reputation for providing the SEO services London businesses can rely on. Whatever your online search objectives, our London SEO experts will use the most effective digital marketing strategies to help achieve the rankings and growth in traffic your business website needs.

Our SEO Services


SEO Audits

If you think of your SEO project like Sat Nav, to understand the best way to get to where you want to be, you need to know where you’re starting from. Providing each SEO project with a solid foundation to build on maximizes its effectiveness and our in-depth SEO audits help you understand what improvements are required to make your project a success.


On-page Optimisation

Optimising the content on your pages so they best target the search terms you want to rank for can be a fine balance – too little or too much and you could damage your chances of ranking. We help you get the right balance and make sure your pages are optimised perfectly for the search engines and your content works to convert the traffic it attracts.


Nationwide Rankings

When your business is looking to rank for searches in cities up and down the country, your SEO needs to develop a site that has the trust and authority with the search engines to outrank a lot of competition. Our approach to national campaigns helps to develop powerful sites that are capable of ranking nationally.


Search Consultancy

Unlike some agencies who apply the same tired approach to each project, we don’t believe there is a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to SEO. Grapefruit has helped London clients grow their businesses online by taking a consultative approach to each project with a tailored approach to advising on the best strategies that will move the needle.


Backlink Profile Development

The Internet is like one big social network, and one of the things Google loves to see is the ‘social proof’ of high-quality, relevant sites linking to yours, giving it the trust and authority it needs to rank. Our quality-led approach to developing your backlink profile ensures your site gets the right kind of links that will move it up the rankings.


Local Search Optimisation

Just because you only want to rank your business in the local area doesn’t mean this makes your SEO project easier. Even local rankings can provide strong competition, and we understand the best way to deliver local SEO campaigns so your website is relevant and ranks for the customers on your doorstep.


Keyword Research

Your SEO project will only drive more traffic to your site if you choose the right search terms to target. You want to be ranked for the terms your potential customers are using to search for what you’re offering. We help you find and target the keywords that offer the best opportunity, and the right balance between search volume and competition.


Content Creation

They say content is king, and to get your web pages ranking in Google this has never been more true. Even the best AI copywriters will struggle to fully understand the information your potential customers are searching for, and how to present it to them in a way they and the search engines will love, like we can.


GBP Optimisation

With more and more searches carried out on mobile devices, by potential clients wanting what you offer there and then, ranking your Google Business Profile in the ‘map pack’ is essential for some businesses, and can drive as much as 50% of their organic traffic. Our tried and tested GBP optimisation helps local businesses tap into this traffic.

Our Approach to SEO

Grapefruit has developed a reputation as a leading London SEO agency because we deliver results, but also because we make the process of achieving those results as simple as possible for our clients – and this philosophy can be seen in the approach we have with all of the projects we take on. For all its complexities, Search Engine Optimisation essentially boils down to 3 key elements.

Technical Optimisation

Behind the pages online visitors see, most websites are incredibly technical, and just like anything technical, it will perform best when it is set up and functioning properly. Whether it’s displaying properly on different devices, or having the best page speed optimisation, the first step in every project we work on is to complete a technical audit of the site we’re trying to rank. This way, we can fix anything that might be hampering the site’s performance in the search engines, or could reduce the effectiveness of ongoing SEO work we carry out.

Content Optimisation

The content on your website needs to be optimised to achieve two aims – help to inform and convert your site visitors, and provide Google with the information it needs to understand which searches it is relevant and should rank for. Google is looking to provide its searchers with content that most closely matches their search query and the intent behind it. We help you understand the most appropriate queries for your audience and then optimise the pages to appeal to the search engines and the traffic that these send to your site.

Backlink Profile Development

Once the content on your pages is optimised for the searches you want it to rank for, you need to show Google that it has the credibility and authority to rank above all the other sites that are targetting the same terms. This is achieved by encouraging other websites that are already viewed as authoritative by Google to link to your pages and ‘pass on’ the credibility your web pages need. Our approach to developing your backlink profile focuses on building links from the high-quality, relevant websites that will move your site up the rankings.

When you look at Search Engine Optimisation as simply providing search engines like Google and the people that use them with the information they want to see, SEO doesn’t need to be as complex or scary as some London agencies might make it out to be. Our simplified approach to the projects we take on seeks to create a technically sound website, content that is relevant for the terms you want to rank for, and backlinks that elevate your site above the competition – and this is an approach that has worked well for our London clients, and could work well for your business, too.


Claiming to provide the SEO London clients can trust to grow their online business, and delivering this with the highest levels of customer service, is easy to do – but we believe showing the proof of how well our SEO works is far more convincing.

Perhaps you’re looking to change SEO providers after seeing lacklustre results from your current partner, or maybe this is the first time you’ve looked to bring a specialist agency on board to look after your SEO, either way, we’re happy to provide you with examples of current and past successes to demonstrate how we work and what we deliver time and time again. You can see some examples of this in the screenshots below, or read about a recent successful SEO project for a London client in our latest case study.

The screenshots above show the power of employing the correct SEO tactics and using the tried and tested, successful approach we’ve outlined. In most cases we’re able to achieve our clients’ objectives in much shorter timeframes than anticipated, which means they start getting more traffic and potential customers from the search engines quicker – the client in the screenshots achieved the number 1 spot for their main term in well under the year it was expected to take! We’re happy to show these types of results to give London businesses the confidence that we can do the same for them.



Does SEO really work?

If you found our site via the search engines then you probably have your answer. SEO does work, and when it’s done properly and employs effective, tried and tested techniques that have been shown to deliver results, it could help businesses like yours grow the amount of traffic and potential customers you’re able to attract online.


How much does SEO cost?

There are a variety of factors that can influence how much your SEO project could cost, from the level of online competition in your market to how well your site is currently optimised and the amount of work required. Our approach is to maximise the impact of whatever budget we’re given, so the more you can invest in your SEO the more potential for bigger/quicker results, but with a starting monthly project fee of £1000 we are able to create projects for businesses small and large.


How long does SEO take to work?

SEO does take time, in fact, in recent years timescales for SEO to have an impact on your site traffic and to start showing a return on investment have generally increased. Having said that, our approach is always to look for opportunities for improvement in the short, medium and long term, so you can start to see a return on any investment in SEO as soon as possible. Even so, SEO is not a quick fix for your traffic needs, and while our clients usually see good progress within the first 6 months, and the achievement of some of their key objectives within the first 12 months, we’re happy to advise of the likely timescales for your project.


What industries need SEO the most?

There’s not much that people don’t search for online, so the majority of business sectors are likely to need Search Engine Optimisation in some shape or form. If the search landscape in your sector is particularly competitive, and if those online competitors are already undertaking their own SEO projects, then there is probably an even greater need for effective SEO to grow your business online, which is something we can help with.


What does SEO involve?

Search Engine Optimisation involves providing the search engines with all the information they need to understand the search terms your web pages are relevant for, and how well those pages should rank for those searches, working within the search engines’ guidelines and applying industry standard best practices – well, that’s our approach, at least.


Is SEO worth the money?

In most cases, effective SEO should always be worth the money. You need to understand the potential return on your investment in improving your rankings for the most appropriate search terms to drive the kind of traffic to your site that has the best chance of converting to sales. Understanding average sales values, typical website conversion rates, and the investment required to achieve the organic traffic to drive those sales, will help you understand if SEO is the channel worth investing in – all of which we can help you understand so you can see if SEO is right for you.


Do I need SEO for my website?

If you’re asking the question then probably, yes. If you need to increase the amount of online traffic your site is getting and can see that your average order values and conversion rates for organic traffic would make it worth the investment, then if you want increase your business online, SEO could be something you should consider. If you’re still not sure, we’re happy to provide you with a free SEO audit (see below) to give you some more information, or get in touch about our current SEO packages and we’ll help you decide. 


How often should SEO be done?

In most cases, SEO is a process and we undertake projects that require work on a monthly basis to grow and maintain an online presence. But there are also cases where businesses may have a lot of what they need to rank well and simply need a one-off project to better organise this, or some consultancy to help guide their own SEO efforts and make them more effective. Each case is different and we’d encourage you t get in touch so we can help you decide what’s needed, and how often.

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