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Just like the Internet, our client base is fairly diverse. It’s almost impossible to find a specialism or niche that isn’t online, and we’ve found that the range of clients asking for our help is just as varied. One thing they do all have in common though, is their desire to improve their online presence, and gain more traffic and potential customers from the search engines.

Whilst the general SEO principles may be the same, regardless of the sector or specialism our clients come from, our success comes from our ability to develop an in-depth understanding of our clients’ niches. By analysing the search terms their customers are using, what their competitors are doing, and the online environment in their sector, we’re able to create SEO projects that have a much better chance of achieving the success our clients are looking for.

This approach of blending the fundamental SEO principles with a detailed knowledge of each of the sectors we work in, has delivered results for a variety of past and present clients.

Professional Photographers

Training & Development Specialists

Digital Design Agencies

Home Services Providers


Writers & Creative Entrepreneurs

Financial Organisations

Online Retailers

Alternative Energy Companies

Mobile App Developers

Health & Beauty Professionals

Business Services Providers

Lifestyle Bloggers

Can We Help You?

While we believe that the majority of businesses would benefit from our SEO services, what we offer may not be right for every website. Our services are most effective, and offer the best return on investment, when they are applied to websites that satisfy a number of key criteria.

By assessing each of our clients and their sites against these selection criteria, we’re able to ensure we have a good foundation for a successful SEO project, which is ultimately what we and our clients want.

If you’re interested in hiring us to raise your profile online, improve your rankings, and increase the amount of traffic and potential business you receive from the search engines, you should be able to answer yes to the following three questions.


Is your website healthy?

What do we mean by healthy? As far as you are aware, is your website free from any search engine penalties? If you’re not sure, but your rankings and traffic have dipped drastically at any point in the last few months, this may be because of some sort of penalty. These situations often call for some form of remedial work before any further SEO should be attempted, and while we’re always happy to offer the benefit of our advice, it’s unlikely you would benefit from our services until the penalty was removed. If you’re not sure whether your site has been penalised or not, we’re always happy to take a look and give you our opinion, so feel free to get in touch.

Is your business ‘family-friendly’?

We use a wide range of resources as part of our SEO services, and often these resources are shared across different projects for different clients. With that in mind, we therefore only work with businesses that can best be described as ‘family-friendly’, so we wouldn’t undertake projects for clients who were in markets such as gambling, prescription drugs, or anything adult themed.


Are you committed to SEO?

This might sound like a loaded question, but believe us, we don’t ask this because our intention is to tie you into expensive, long-term contracts you end up regretting. Our clients work with us because they’re happy with the results they’re getting, not because they have to. But with that being said, we do need clients to commit a reasonable amount of time and budget to make their SEO project a success. What do we mean by that? Well, we would discuss timescales and budgets with clients on a case by case basis, but we want to work with clients who understand that SEO is not a ‘quick fix’ that will solve their traffic problems in a couple of weeks. We ask clients to give us at least three months to demonstrate some progress. After that, it’s up to you to decide if you’re happy with the way things are going and if you want to continue – which most clients do.

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