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This Case Study looks at one of our recent Google Business Profile projects, where we took a business that was only just ranking in the top 100 and within 6 months achieved a ranking in the map pack for their main term, and within a year ranked them top in the maps for this competitive local term.


Hitting the objectives for a project is always rewarding, as is client feedback like this.

“Since working with Grapefruit Digital we started to appear number one in the map rankings within the first few months for certain keywords which is within the timeframe initially outlined. We are now appearing on page one on Google for our top key words and have seen an increase in enquiries and online traffic.”

Within 6 months of starting the project we were able to rank the client’s Google Business Profile in the map pack for their main search term.

Google Business Profile rankings first 6 months

Just over a year from starting the project, we were able to achieve a top ranking in the map pack for the client’s main keyword, a position they have held onto since.

Google Business Profile rankings after 12 months

While these timescales are probably a little longer than most of our Google Business Profile campaigns, what made this project more challenging, and the results more satisfying, is that the client is located in the northernmost part of London.

Client's North London location

So we were able to rank them higher than all the centrally-located competitors, even with this location challenge.

Ranking top in the map results for their main keyword, along with some other terms we have achieved map rankings for, and the overall improvement in their organic search rankings, means the client is now seeing nearly 125% the monthly traffic than when we started the project.

Organic Traffic Growth


I’m very happy with everything how it is.”

Meeting our objectives is a big part of making sure clients have a positive experience but, as SEO can be a lengthy process, there’s also a lot more that goes into making sure a client is satisfied, and to that end, we think the above quote from this client speaks volumes.

Going forward, we are now looking to add map rankings for more of their secondary keywords, as well as focusing on improving the organic rankings for their most valuable search terms.

SEO is a process, and the raft of Google updates over the last 12 months show that it is something that is constantly evolving. so we will also be looking to make sure the client maintains their hard-won map rankings through an ongoing maintenance project that will see us working to keep them top of this prime search real estate. 

Map rankings are no longer only relevant for walk-in businesses – we work with business and professional services clients who see up to 50% of their organic traffic coming from their map rankings.

So if you’re an organisation that relies on traffic from a local area, and would like to drive more organic traffic to your site by ranking in the map pack for your most relevant search terms, our Google Business Profile optimisation service could be the answer.

Whatever your business and your online objectives, if you’re looking to work with an SEO agency you can trust to deliver results, we can help – just look at the final feedback from the client in this Case Study:

Their level of professionalism and knowledge within the industry is very impressive, along with their friendly approach that is very clear and easy to understand.

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